Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bunnies, Moths and Mermaids

And here are my additions for your book. Luna moth, happy bunnies and a mermaid making friends with a horse of another color.


Lynne said...

wow! you have been busy! I love the completely surreal image of the mermaid and horse....I am looking forward to getting this back and seeing it all closer.... :-))

Lynne said...

My book has arrived! Thanks for your additions Jenn.....its very exciting how we are working...a bit like a dance, or fencing ( the sport not garden) I am excited to see how we carry on as the books get filled...really I am very happy :-))

Anonymous said...

I hope that mine arrives soon too. I'm really enjoying this kind of exchange more than the others I'm in that get so slow. It's fun to play off and with each other's work like this. Yay!