Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Additions to Lynne's Book - part 1

Hi Lynne -

Here's the first set of additions to your book. I'll be doing more this evening, but wanted to send an update. I tried to add details to one of your yellow birds, hated it, so added the black crow on top. :) Also, I received my book back from you today, but I'm not opening the envelope until yours is back on its way to you.

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Lynne said...

birds,eyes,what to do with the additions that have been sent us , this is all part of the challenge, nerve wracking isn't it....I chickened out on the eye of your bird and used a stick-on dot so that you could remove it if you wanted.. :-) you could fill the book with crows I love 'em !!
phew I am glad your book has arrived safely.....there is no rush to post my book back