Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have a few more bits to add to my book, but this is what I have done so I working too fast for you? I don't want to put pressure on you.
Is it better that I wait for a couple of weeks before I post it on, or are you happy that I send it back to you whenever I finish my additions and that you work at the pace that is most comfortable for you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne -

These are great! I'd rather that you wait a bit before mailing the book back to me. That way I'm making additions to the books that are thoughtful instead of rushing just to put something in that isn't as high quality as I'd like.

I made some starts on my book, Round 2, but have more to do. I should be able to make good progress this week and mail out next Monday.


Lynne said...

OK Jenn, I will keep hold of the book until after the weekend...or until you say that you have put yours in the post......that sound sensible :-))