Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a small video

having a play on i-movie, i wish I had an idea what i was really doing, but it works a little.....this is as far as your moly has got except for the little rabbit / blue square addition


Anonymous said...

Oooooooo, this is lovely! I'm so excited! I haven't don't much on your book yet. I've decided to apply to graduate school for printmaking and pulling the pieces together for the applications has distracted me a bit. :)

Lynne said...

wow....that sounds like fun ! good luck with your application :-)
don't worry too much about doing work in my books....the postal strike is still running so I wouldn't trust it in the post anyway

once again good luck :-)

Lynne said...

Hi Jenn..... the postal strike is over so I have put your book in the post today :-)
how is the portfolio going?

Anonymous said...

Oh good news! I will get to work on your book tomorrow.

The portfolio is a bit daunting not knowing what will be well received. But I'm taking photos and working on a few more pieces as well.


Lynne said...

Hi Jen....has your moly arrived safely?
And is there any movement on my book....its so close to the end now, it would be a shame to lose momentum.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne -

I received the book yesterday (haven't opened it yet) and will get yours out in the mail after the weekend. :)


Lynne said...

Oh , I am glad that your moly arrived safely :-)
its all a bit quiet in the moly exchanges in general at the moment......perhaps a seasonal slump, and it will all pick up in the new year.

do you have another moly for me as well, from exchange 42?